Peripheral Thrombectomy Catheter

Arterial Thrombectomy

AngioJet Thrombectomy removes thrombus burden from arterial vessels as small as 1.5mm - quickly restoring flow and resolving symptoms to enable the culprit lesion to be exposed and treated.

Arterial Catheter Specifications

? Solent Omni Solent Proxi

Solent Dista

System Compatibility Ultra Ultra Ultra
Vessel Diameter 3 mm 3 mm 1.5 mm
Working Length 120 cm 90 cm 145 cm
Shaft Diameter 6 F 6 F 4 F / 3 F
Guidewire Compatibility 0.035" 0.035" 0.014"
Sheath Compatibility 6 F 6 F 4 F
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Clinical Data

For Limb Ischemia cases, the PEARL Registry data demonstrated:

  • 89% limb salvage rate 
  • 56% of patients were treated in a single session
  • 80% of procedures were completed in <24 hours

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Presented by Dr. Ali Amin at Charing Cross 2014; Final PEARL Data