Aura XP?

Laser Therapy System

This treatment system for a wide range of soft tissue clinical applications offers performance, precision, and portability in a versatile, reliable platform.

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Product Details

The Aura XP Laser Therapy System is a 15W, 532 nm wavelength KTP laser with StarPulse? Technology for ENT, mucosal, and select uro-gyn surgical applications. The system uses multiple Aura XP fibers and accessories.

Ordering Information

? Model Number
Fibers ?
EndoStat? Fiber, 0.6mm x 12’ (KTP/YAG)? 0010-0612
EndoStat Fiber, 0.4mm x 12’ (KTP/YAG)? 0010-0622
EndoStat Fiber, 0.3mm x 12’ (KTP/YAG)? 0010-0632?
EndoStat Fiber, 0.2mm x 12’ (Aura/Orion)? 0010-6122?
EndoStat Fiber, 0.6mm x 18’ (KTP/YAG)? 0010-0613?
EndoStat Fiber, 0.2mm (KTP/YAG)? 0010-0952?
Coaxial EndoStat Fiber, 0.6mm x 12’? 0010-2221?
AccuStat, single fiber (Aura/Orion)? 0010-6110?
Accessories ?
Protective Filters ?
Zeiss Microscope Fixed Eye Protection Filter (Aura/Orion)? 0010-6211?
Wild/Leica Microscope Fixed Eye Protection Filter (Aura/Orion) ?0010-6212?
Zeiss Microscope Automatic Eye Protection Filter (Aura)? 0010-0045?
Storz Microscope Automatic Eye Protection Filter (Aura)? 0010-0046?
Wild/Leica Microscope Automatic Eye Protection Filter (Aura)? 0010-0047?
Micromanipulator Accessories ?
Microbeam Cables for Microbeam 250 (set of 2)? 0010-6133?
Other Accessories ?
Shipping Case (Aura/Lyra)? 0124-3680??
Aura XP Laser Cart? 0010-8310?
Specialized Handpieces ?
Angled Microstats (set of 2)? 0010-0851?
Bayonet Microstats (set of 3)? 0010-0831?
Bayonet Microstat, with Suction, 7.5cm? 0010-0446?
Bayonet Microstat, with Suction, 11.5cm? 0010-0441?
Bayonet Microstat, with Suction, 23cm? 0010-0444?
Curved Microstats (set of 3)? 0010-0811?
Curved MicroStat 5cm? 0010-0813??
Curved MicroStat 6cm? 0010-0832?
Endo-Suction Sinus Set (set of 8) Includes 8 Sinus Microstats listed?below (or to order individually, refer to part numbers listed below) 0010-0462
Sinus Microstat, Straight? 0010-0991?
Sinus Microstat, 15o Right Bend ?0010-0992?
Sinus Microstat, 30o Right Bend? 0010-0993?
Sinus Microstat, 15o Left Bend? 0010-0994?
Sinus Microstat, 30o Left Bend? 0010-0995?
Sinus Microstat, 30o Up Bend? 0010-0996
Sinus Microstat, 90o Right Bend? 0010-0997?
Sinus Microstat, 90o Left Bend? 0010-0998?