Steerable Sheath

CHANNEL? Steerable Sheath
CHANNEL? Steerable Sheath
CHANNEL? Steerable Sheath’s CurveLock? Technology designed for precise position
CHANNEL? Steerable Sheath for control, stability and visualization

CHANNEL Steerable Sheath is designed with a strong, steerable shaft to facilitate placement of devices in peripheral and coronary systems.

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Product Details

Right Place, Right Time, Right Sheath – Every Time.


The Sheath for Every Ablation Case. Versatile, Consistent and Dependable.

Side Port

  • Allows for flushing and aspiration

CurveLockTM Technology

  • Designed to remain in the precise position once

Hemostasis Valve

  • Prevents back-bleed

Other Features:

  • Flush Holes:   Allows for continuous heparin delivery
  • Radiopaque:  Marker Band Convenient visualization
  • Braided Shaft:  The exclusive shaft features optimal torque and kink resistance
  • Inner PTFE Liner:  Allows for smooth advance of devices
  • 0 to 180° steerability with active straightening
  • The pin-point control and stability of the CHANNEL Steerable Sheath provide critical capabilities for a successful case

CurveLockTM Technology

Use with 89cm TSXTM Transseptal Needle

  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Tapered tip transition
  • Item number 2001398
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Ordering Information

Steerable Sheath
Steerable Sheath
Item Number M004CS100 ? M004CS200
French Size Compatibility? 8F? 9F
Sheath Inner Diameter (ID) 8.3F / 2.8mm? 9.8F / 3.3mm
Sheath Outer Diameter (OD) 11.4F / 3.8mm? 12.6F / 4.2mm
Sheath Usable Length? 67cm? 67cm

Sheath Radiopaque Marker

0.25in / 6.35mm from tip ? ? ? 0.25in / 6.35mm from tip ? ? ??
Sheath Turning Range? 0 to 180° 0 to 180°
Dilator Usable Length 86cm? 86cm
Transseptal Needle Compatibility 89cm needle? 89cm needle
Dilator ID Compatibility 0.038in / 1mm? 0.038in / 1mm


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